Whoops. And here I thought I’d be updating this more frequently.

Work, class, business trip, National Novel Writing Month, all of these things are conspiring me from actually updating things here. Also, not going to lie, the fact that I deal with WordPress installations all day long makes me a little less likely to want to open up my own blog admin page. ;)

Seattle was awesome. Meeting my team was great, but so was meeting Sandra. At long last! Just 23 years in the making, no big deal. ;) And how “Seattle” is this pic? Seriously.

Seattle’s Ferris Wheel on a rainy day. How much more “Seattle” could this picture get? #seattle

In terms of National Novel Writing Month, I had taken the last week of November off from work to get that taken care of and to work on my PHP final project. I hit 50k at 6:58am on Thursday, November 30th, after pulling an all-nighter. I do not remember the last 3000 words or so. I was falling asleep while typing, which was an interesting experience. But I validated!

Then I went to sleep for six hours and then I went to class that night and did PHP stuff.

Honestly, PHP II has been a very different class from PHP I and I’ve really, really enjoyed it. I’m conversant with tools like git, now, and GitHub. I’m doing shit from the command line. Merging things, making branches, testing stuff out. It’s pretty cool.

I’m still panicked because my final project is due this Friday, the 15th, but at least now I think I should be able to pass. I got Stripe integration working, which is GLORIOUS, and also a chunk of my grade. I still have a lot of finicky work to do, but hey, that’s what this weekend should help me to accomplish. Plus every day after work this coming week. I basically can’t do anything until the 15th.

But also on the 15th? Seeing The Last Jedi with my brother and his friend, A. My brother, A and I have seen The Force Awakens and Rogue One together, so it’s like a tradition now. And we have reserved seating. AND it’s not a stupid 3D showing! (Yo, some of us get motion sick at the drop of a hat, okay??) So I took a half day off work that day (I had 11.5 days off allocated to me when I joined my company, which resets to 25 on Jan. 1!) and will go see the afternoon movie with my brother and A and then come home and finish my project. If, by some miracle, I’m finished my project before 11:59pm on the 15th, I’ll go Christmas shopping after the movie.

Can’t believe another year is nearly over and that the holidays are almost upon us. This year has, in equal parts, dragged by and flown by. It seems as though it’s been in fast-forward since I started working in June. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months without my realizing.

Oh, and for those of you interested in the final version of my home office:

My home office was completed last week. Here's the result. #homeoffice #remotework #desk #mac #huelights

I do quite enjoy it.

Okay, on that note, I should get back to gitbash and Sublime Text 3 and GitHub and Docker and Postman. #nerd #geek

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